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For more information, email Jennie Bristow or telephone: (+44)7976414751. 

"Jennie maintains a sharp eye for detail while also evaluating the cogency of the argument and the way it is presented. Her shrewd suggestions on matters of substance go well beyond what most editors are able to do."

John Ellis, Professor of German Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz; President, the California Association of Scholars


In a world where content is everywhere, clarity is key – and clarity is achieved by excellent writing. For your message to impress or your analysis to make sense, people need to be able to read it: quickly, painlessly, and comprehensively.
Punctuation matters, correct spelling is crucial and waffle will turn off the most committed reader. But while properly-placed apostrophes are important, good editing is about absorbing, refining and clarifying. Punctuate! aims to get under the skin of your material, and make it say what you want it to say.

Punctuate! offers the following services, online and in print:

  • Copywriting and editorial.
  • Summarising, sub-editing and proof-reading.
  • Media consultancy.

Jennie Bristow is an experienced journalist, editor, researcher and broadcaster. Find out more here.

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