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For more information, email Jennie Bristow or telephone: (+44)7976414751.

Client testimonials


"Jennie Bristow is a brilliant editor because she not only has a formidable grasp of language but because she is also an excellent communicator. Her capacity to put in words and express what her clients are striving to say shows her understanding of and empathy for her clients' aspirations." Professor Frank Furedi, author, On Tolerance: A Defence of Moral Independence (Continuum 2011); Wasted: Why Education Isn't Educating (Continuum 2009)

"Jennie maintains a sharp eye for detail while also evaluating the cogency of the argument and the way it is presented. Her shrewd suggestions on matters of substance go well beyond what most editors are able to do. She improved my text immeasurably in ways large and small." John Ellis, Professor of German Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz; President, the California Association of Scholars

"Jennie Bristow is a diligent, flexible and trustworthy editor and proofreader, who has provided useful training to ABPI staff and worked with individuals to bring specific documents to completion. She has helped a very busy department to streamline its document production process, and engages with new editorial issues as they emerge." ​Amanda Callaghan, Director of Corporate Affairs, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

"Jennie Bristow has helped us develop summaries of the results from two rather complex pieces of research we carried out at the Centre for Sexual Health Research. Both pieces of work were carried out extremely efficiently and quickly, and Jennie's summaries managed to achieve the difficult balance between being comprehensible to the lay person whilst remaining true to the complexity of the initial material." Professor Roger Ingham, Director, Centre for Sexual Health Research, University of Southampton

"Jennie Bristow's Punctuate! service went far beyond my expectations of proofreading and editing. Jennie brought her vast knowledge and intellectual clarity to my work: she was able to offer valuable advice on the content, structure and overall direction. Jennie also met my impossibly tight deadlines with efficiency, professionalism and good humour." Dr Joanna Williams, author, Consuming Higher Education: Why Learning Can't Be Bought (Continuum: in press) 

"Clarity is Jennie Bristow's strong point in editing. Then comes the amazing speed by which she does that without compromising quality; and the gentle manner in which she points out the structural weaknesses in your writing. She turned my manuscript into a piece of writing that now has a strong pace without compromising the overall storyline. My publisher read my manuscript in one sitting, 'something I rarely do', he said. That's because Jennie had weeded out the superfluity in the manuscript." Mphuthumi Ntabeni, writer

"I was really grateful for Jennie's support in preparing my PhD for publication as a manuscript. She has an excellent eye for style and clarity of expression, and the fact that she was able to turn the work around so fast really helped with meeting deadlines with the publisher. Her own sociological perspective, which informed her comments on the text, also really helped me think about how best to make a convincing, robust argument for the reader." Dr Charlotte Faircloth, author, Militant Lactivism? Infant Care and Maternal Identity Work in the UK and France (Berghahn Books: in press) 

"Jennie helped me to complete my first book, based on my PhD. I needed an editor who would be able to handle academic sociological reflections and discussions of research findings as well appreciate my attempt to write for a much wider audience and across the disciplines. Jennie provided valuable advice that went beyond the usual - and necessary - corrections and proofing mistakes, but also helped improve the clarity of the writing. She did this at breakneck speed without compromising quality." Dr Tiffany Jenkins, author, Contesting Human Remains in Museum Collections (Routledge 2010) 

"Jennie did an exceptional job at proof reading my PhD thesis. She worked with me to ensure that the work was completed on time and tracked changes to show me where I had made mistakes and where I could improve my writing - a great personal service!" Dr Hayley Watson 

"Jennie provided an excellent editing service for my PhD thesis, which saved me a lot of time. The quality and speed of her editing and her punctuality were very helpful with regard to the approaching deadline." Dr Turkay Nefes

"Jennie's ability to produce snappy yet subtle summaries of complex academic research has contributed to the impact made by my work. She tackles projects with speed and enthusiasm, and is fastidious about deadlines and accuracy." Dr Ellie Lee, reader in social policy, University of Kent; author, Abortion, Motherhood and Mental Health (Aldine de Gruyter 2003)

"I was complimented on the low level of grammatical and punctuation mistakes in my thesis, and on the clarity of my writing: reflecting instances where Jennie had suggested that I needed to re-write, re-phrase or split complicated sentences. This editing service enabled me to concentrate on presenting the technical aspects of my research without worrying about being lost in the fog caused by spending so much time re-reading the same piece of work." Dr Ray Backler

"Jennie Bristow is an excellent and highly professional editor, providing creative ideas as well as paying keen attention to detail." Helene Guldberg, Managing Editor, spiked; author, Reclaiming Childhood (Routledge 2009)



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